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Welcome to our Vet Show's portfolio website. Whilst all our events have individual websites for you to browse and find more specific information, we have created this space to not only showcase the range of incredible events but also online learning opportunities we offer. Our main goal is always to support the veterinary industry, connect vets with suppliers and offer high-quality learning opportunities. Over the past decade, we have managed to bring our events to 5 different countries in 9 different locations around the world and are so excited for you to join us!

About Us

CloserStill Media's Vet Shows is the world's fastest growing veterinary events. Trusted by major veterinary vendors, the Vet Shows host 10 major events worldwide, serving more than 1,800 exhibitors, over 22,000 attendees across 5 countries.

Our History

CloserStill Media launched the London Vet Show in 2009 and the introduction of our unique exhibition model changed the way that veterinary events were received and redressed the balance of the events to ensure that the needs of both the attendees and the exhibitors were met.

Our Team

The CloserStill Vet team are spread across three different worldwide offices and work tirelessly to ensure the success of every Vet Show. The team is the best in the business -and is one of the most decorated in the exhibition industry - with accolades such as Best Event Director, Best Trade Show, Best Marketing Team and Best Operations Team bestowed on them. 


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