• The doctor is in. Get a sneak peek into two of the most incisive lectures on surgery coming to Austin Vet this April.
  • Are leaders born, or are they made? Michelle Harcha answers the age-old question as she reveals the true meaning of being a leader and what it takes to succeed as one.
  • There’s always a dog commercial for beer or cars during the Super Bowl, but this year, “Lucky Dog” shined a light on the vet community. Read more to learn about Scout and his incredible journey.
  • The number of people that own a pet is rapidly increasing. So is the budget that pet owners spend on their furry friends. The veterinary industry is booming and that comes with new responsibilities.
  • “This year has absolutely been our best year yet,” said Elizabeth Green, Brief Media CEO and founder. "Our team has been blown away by the level of excitement and community spirit at New York Vet, and ...
  • New features at the London Vet Show 🐱

    25 Oct 2019 CloserStill Media
    In a blink of an eye, 2019 is almost over and it's that time of year again - the London Vet Show. This year's edition offers 150+ hours of accredited CPD. You can create your own learning path from 21 ...
  • Party to Improve Vet Morale

    25 Sep 2019 Rachel Kilmartin
    Whether you’re a self-professed party animal or the thought of your annual practice Christmas party gives you chills, networking is rarely something taught to veterinary professionals at university. B ...
  • 10 Questions for Krista A. Keller, DVM, Dipl ACZM, about the veterinary care of backyard chickens, rabbits, fish and lizards. Because they're a little different than cats and dogs...
  • Esophageal Disease - All the Facts You Can Swallow

    22 Jul 2019 Peter S. Chapman, BVetMed, DECVIM-CA, DACVIM, MRCVS
    1. Define the Problem - Differentiating Regurgitation from Vomiting The key feature of regurgitation is that it is a passive process with minimal abdominal effort that usually results in production of ...
  • Caregiver Burden: When Loving Hurts

    21 Jun 2019 Mary Gardner, DVM
    With our pets we also have the burden of deciding to euthanize when appropriate. And that in itself is a heart wrenching decision. Quality of life is a very subjective thing and pet owners may not alw ...

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