• Owner and operator of the 145th Street Animal Hospital, Dr. Butler was loved by her community. She passed from the coronavirus and will be remembered for paving the way for veterinarians of color.
  • Global Vet Shows Go Online!

    29 May 2020 Rachel Kilmartin
    We’re bringing the brilliance of our Vet Shows to the safety of your home. This series of 5 live, RACE-approved webinars will bring you the same practical content you have received at our live shows.
  • Understanding the Gaited Horse

    28 May 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Are you an equine vet finding it hard to understand gaited horses? This video by Gaye Derusso, gaited horses trainer, makes for easier analysis in neurological and vet exams.
  • Closing the Gap in PPE Shortages

    28 May 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    As the demand for Personal Protective Equipment grows and masks become the “new normal” in our communities, healthcare workers are left struggling to provide their own.
  • Dr. Melanie Bowden's passionate Tedx Talk has been watched over 185,000 times since being posted in March. She depicts veterinary life both honestly and beautifully in a way that all vets can relate.
  • Moose isn’t an ordinary dog. This sweet Lab was given a real-life Honorary Doctorate in veterinary medicine at Virginia Tech’s College of Veterinary Medicine 2020 commencement last week!
  • Elwin van Oldenborgh is changing the game for veterinary students. In this Q&A, Elwin, President of the IVSA, shares his goals, ideas, and passion for the future veterinarians of the world.
  • The way you learn online is very different than how you do in person. With these 5 easy steps, you’ll be in the zone, crushing your CE in no time.
  • Mental health is one of the most important issues facing the veterinary profession today. Read and share these tips in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • In the Spotlight: Bond Vet

    11 May 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Bond Vet isn’t your average vet clinic. We spoke with Chief Veterinary Officer and co-founder, Dr. Zay Satchu about the origin of Bond Vet and her philosophy toward current shifts in the industry.

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