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Vet Show Academy


Access World-Class CPD from the Comfort of your Home!

Vet Show Academy is an online, on-demand veterinary learning platform that hosts lectures, sessions and workshops from the global Vet Shows, including webinars recorded throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Vet Show Academy is brought to you in partnership with VetStream, global leaders in veterinary eLearning.

We have a huge range of different subject areas for you to choose from. Whether you are interested in exotics, farm, acupuncture or even the best way to run a business from behind the scenes. There are currently over 40 different areas to choose from. If what you are after is not there right now, don't fret - we are constantly generating new content!

Vet Shows has expanded to provide CDP 365 days a year. Using Vet Show Academy, you will gain access to courses from previous Vet Shows from around the world.

That includes hundreds of hours of educational CPD, inspirational speakers with practical knowledge, plenty of topics to choose from, and more that are all accessible from your home or practice! Refresh your knowledge by watching your favorite course from a past show you attended or expand your resources by learning from our global portfolio of shows including the London Vet Show, Singapore Vet, and more. 

Our course library includes both accredited CPD education for those in the UK and RACE-approved courses for those in America. Just look for the CPD and RACE logos in the course description.

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With our easy-to-use site, you will be able to track which courses you have completed, available courses you haven't started, your overall training time, and more!

View our courses by Specialty, Speaker, Accreditation & more! After purchasing the shows you are interested in, you will receive an email with login information to access your sessions.

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